Best General Labour Services in Ontario, Canada

NIMZ HR Corp is a staffing agency that supplies General Labour Services in Ontario to companies and individuals. 

We provide a vast pool of skilled workers across the province, managing all aspects of the recruitment, screening, and hiring process to ensure your business receives the most suitable labor force. Our commitment lies in delivering dependable, high-quality workers proficient in various construction trades to meet your labor requirements.

Whether you are a construction company in need of labor or an individual seeking the Best Cleaning Services in Ontario, NIMZ is your go-to solution!

What Is General Labour?

General labor refers to the work carried out by individuals or groups within a team who primarily handle labor-intensive tasks. The tasks undertaken by general labor typically involve housekeeping, building maintenance, and machinery repair. It specifically pertains to the work executed by unskilled workers often found in various service industries. These laborers operate with minimal supervision or formal training.

Our General Labour Services in Ontario consists of a physically fit and robust team who are willing to learn on the job and tackle a wide range of physical assignments. We take pride in providing our clients with dedicated, motivated, and adaptable individuals for their labor needs.

How Does Staffing With Nimz Work?

NIMZ General Labour Services in Ontario are characterized by our seamless, insured, and dependable nature. We are equipped to support any project you provide the necessary equipment for.

Here’s how it works:

Project Inquiry:

Tell us about your project. Please share the project details with us via call or email. We are responsive to last-minute and same-day requests.

Matching with NIMZ:

We will match you with a team of NIMZ general laborers undergoing background checks and vetting. They will arrive punctually, fully prepared, and with a positive attitude to tackle the task.

Why Hire a General Laborer Through Nimz?

Whether it’s for a substantial project or a minor task, whether you need extra hands on-site or at home, our general labor service is here to assist with a cheerful disposition. Our team is proficient at moving soil, bricks, and various materials. They can also tackle multiple projects under your guidance, including gardening, cleaning, excavation, maintenance, etc. Regardless of the job, they’ll expedite the process, allowing you to set aside your tools and unwind.

NIMZ is your local resource for finding numerous eager hands and general laborers. As mentioned earlier, describe your requirements and specify your preferred assistance time. Then, select the most suitable general laborer available for your task. It’s as simple as that!

Choose Your Budget

Select a budget that suits your project’s financial constraints, and find cost-effective general laboring solutions on NIMZ.

Quick offers

Do you require immediate assistance for your project? Expect offers to arrive within minutes.

Get the Best Taskers

Read reviews from fellow users to hire a general laborer who will be punctual, deliver their best work, and do it all with a positive attitude.

Stay insured

Feel assured when hiring your laborer through Airtasker, as our comprehensive insurance policies cover them.


Q1: What industries does NIMZ HR Corp provide general labour services for in Ontario?

A: NIMZ HR Corp offers general labour services across diverse industries, including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and more in Ontario.

Q2: How can NIMZ HR Corp’s general labour services in Ontario benefit my business?

A: NIMZ HR Corp’s services can enhance your workforce efficiency, providing skilled personnel, flexibility, and scalability tailored to your business needs in Ontario.

Q3: Is there a focus on safety in NIMZ HR Corp’s general labour services in Ontario?

A: Yes, safety is a top priority. NIMZ HR Corp ensures that their general labour services adhere to rigorous safety standards and regulations in Ontario.

Q4: Can NIMZ HR Corp provide short-term or temporary general labour solutions in Ontario?

A: Absolutely, NIMZ HR Corp offers both short-term and permanent placement options, providing flexibility in general labour solutions based on your specific requirements in Ontario.

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